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Opus 14

About Opus 14 group


This small set titled Opus 14 came as a result of being included in a book referencing my work, an historical romantic fiction novel titled "Heat of the Moment" by Olga Bicos. It was nice my work becoming an inspiration for a scene in this book. So I used that as an inspiration to create this very small series titled Opus #14. Often I use elements from music in my titles and music is important when I am working on my paintings.

pp 300

" This week's exhibit belonged to a promising young artist named Katherine Arnold. She specialized in what ...A series of crisscrossing lines covered enormous canvasses, some spanning the entire length of the wall.

"Her father came to a stop in front of one of the largest paintings. Rocky had met the artist and know...all done in thin, colorful lines, though the title of the work was only the number used to identify it, Opus No. 14.

"Up close, it looked like chaos. You couldn't see the real picture until you stepped back. Like life, Rocky thought. You had to get the right angle, try different perspectives before things came into focus and you could see the truth."

pp 308

"At night there were no lights inside the museum. Certainly not in the gallery, where the paintings waited for morning.

"But tonight a small red light blinked in the dark, casting a soft glow through the canvas of an enormous painting called Opus No. 14, looking as if the light itself had become part of the painting."


Opus 14 #2 detail by kathryn arnold







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